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Leah Dorrian's artwork shares a reverence for mystery, divinity, wildlife, and the wonders of nature. Through each painting, she invites the viewer to contemplate and fall in love with the intrinsic magic of the human experience and the wisdom to be learned from our beautiful planet. Venturing deep into the mind and into nature's diverse environments, her art captures the reverberations of what she discovers and wishes to inspire within the collective consciousness- a deep sense of peace, love, and passion to protect all that is sacred.

Leah Dorrian was born in 1995 in the historic city of Frederick, Maryland, and is now living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She began her art career at the early age of 6, studying and painting at a professional artist's guild until age 10. She studied at the Arts & Communications Academy of Maryland in high school and then Environmental Science, Visual Arts, and Graphic Design at the University of Massachusetts and the University of Maryland. Leah earned a BA in Graphic Design in 2017 and has since been fusing her various passions into her artistic career. Leah has been traveling the USA and the world sharing her artwork in solo and group exhibitions, live painting at world-renowned festivals, and working as the art director and lead designer for several multi-million dollar companies. Her artwork is a combination of surrealism and contemporary works, and she is currently working on her largest collection of paintings yet.

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artist cv


2017- Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, University of Maryland, BC

Grants & Awards 

2016 - Independent Graphic Design Research Award, Switzerland

2017 - Independent Graphic Design Research Award, Maryland


Exhibitions & Festivals

2017- Delaplaine Art Center • Frederick, Maryland

2018 - Envision Festival • Puntarenas Province, Uvita, Costa Rica  

2018 - Kinnection Festival • Blue Ridge Mountains, Tennessee

2018 - Clustxr Festival • Philippi, West Virginia

2018 - Solo Exhibition, Gallery Lucid • Austin, Texas

2018 - Surrealism Exhibition, The Pershing • Austin, Texas

2019 - Plein Air Paintings, town center gallery • Bisbee, Arizona

2019 - Private Gallery Exhibition, The Pershing • Austin, Texas

2019 - MAPS Global Summit- Exhibition • Austin, Texas

2021 - Wild Beauty Art Exhibition with Trent Bar • Austin, Texas

2022 - The Bitcoin Conference, Art Direction, Graphic Design,

Illustration & Booth Design for The Bitcoin Company • Miami, Florida

2023 - Beauty in the Backyard - Roots to Sky Sanctuary • Oakland, Maryland




2017 - UMBC Magazine

2018 - Austin Chronicle

2019 - Almost Real Things, Austin

2021 - Austin Chronicle

2022 - Bitcoin Magazine


graphic design portfolio

View my collection of book design, business brandings, marketing assets,
print design, logos, packaging design, and more.

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